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Best Choice for Boring Head Suppliers : SYIC

The boring head is a versatile machining tool predominantly used in milling operations. At the heart of SYIC's Boring Head innovation lies our MCK modular design. This unique feature allows seamless interchangeability with the common CK system prevalent in the market.

Versatility Design of Boring Heads

SYIC understands the diverse needs of machining professionals. That's why our Boring Head series covers a spectrum of applications, including rough boring, finish boring, large diameter boring, and anti-vibration boring head shanks. The key to versatility lies in our thoughtful design that facilitates easy expansion of the boring range by changing the insert seats, improving usage flexibility.

Reliable Solution for Help Deep-Hole Boring Heads

One of our popular boing heads is PSC one-piece boring head. Designed to be used seamlessly with the PSC adapter, this innovation brings a stronger coupling structure and a shorter length to the table. Drastically improved rigidity transforms your machining processes, ensuring stability even in the most demanding applications. If you need more info about our boring head shanks, feel free to contact us for suggestions!