2023 TIMTOS Exhibition


2022 TIMTOSxTMTS Mega Show


2022 TIMTOSxTMTS Mega Show SYIC On-site Livestream - Session1


2022 TIMTOSxTMTS Mega Show SYIC On-site Livestream - Session2


SYIC Group Family Hiking Day

Hopes rain, symbol of good luck, brings fortune to SYIC for year 2019

Scenes footage of TIMTOS 2019

First Taiwan A-YAIN Cycling Team-Wind runner to Lukang

Mr. 清水紀彥, the vice president of Mazak, visits SYIC.-20170314

SYIC high level product workshop-The Year Golden Rooster Asian Cup-20170728

SYIC Jogging Team – activity highlights 20170715

SYIC Volleyball Team - activity highlights 20170712

This is the first drone video for factory tour in industry 4K